Suppose You Had To Explain It?

I’m a baseball fan. One of the things I find interesting about baseball is after the game is over the manager of the team is required to hold a news conference and explain what happened.

Win or lose they have to talk about it to the media and people like me in the world of sports. When they win, it’s much easier. When they lose, not so much.

When they lose they try to sugar coat it a bit by talking about the things they did well. When they lose they say things like:

A. “We couldn’t get the timely hits.”
B. “Our starting pitcher had trouble locating the strike zone.”
C. “We had a couple of mental mistakes in the field.”
D. “Our bullpen let us down.”

Often the news media will press them to elaborate on this and that. Once in a while a manager will say, “We just really sucked.” Maybe not exactly like that, but that’s what they are saying.

Then they will talk about what they have to do in tomorrow’s game to get better.

Suppose you had to explain your performance today? For the week? For the month? For up to this point in the year?

What would you say?
What would you fix?
What would you change?

Suppose you had to explain it? That’s all I’m gonna ask. Tommy Gibbs