I’m often asked what it takes to be successful in the automobile business. The formula for success in the automobile business is no different than it is for sports, the arts or any other business.

Three key words: Study, Practice and Experience.

Of course there are other personal traits a person needs to have in order to maximize success, but without these three you will always have limitations.

Are you a student of this game? How much time and energy are you dedicating to knowing all you can about the industry, your market, the competition and what the best of the best are doing to get better?

Do you practice? Silly question huh? How many reps are you getting? How many times in a given day are you practicing your craft? Your craft might be working deals. Your craft might be in F&I. Your craft might be managing the inventory. Your craft might be dealing with customers and employee challenges.

Are you getting experience? How about the right experience. Are you working with people who are lifting you up rather than pushing you down?

Even if you’re getting some bad experience you can make that work for you. Sometimes it’s as important to see the wrong way of doing things as much as seeing the right way. The key is to mold your experiences into being a better you.

You can’t become a better you unless you have sense enough to know the difference between the good and bad experiences you are having.

You become a better you when you lead the team with Study, Practice and Experience. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs