Stay Out Of The Tank

Many of us in the automobile business talk about aged units. For most people an aged unit is one that’s over 60 days old. Some of the more forward thinkers cut it off at 45 days. If you’re one of them, count me as a raving fan of yours.

In my workshops I often talk about aging out. Aging out is a term you should start to include in your thinking tool box.

Aging out happens at about the 30 day mark. In other words the unit is starting to age out because it has seen its most profitable days go by.

For those of you using my 30/30 spreadsheets you know there’s a substantial difference in gross profit in the first 30 days compared to the last 30 days.

Units that are aging out deserve your utmost attention in order to prevent them from aging. Once they have aged it’s too late to do anything except watch your average gross profit go in the tank.

Pay attention to “aging out.” Stay out of the tank. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs