Showing Up

Showing up” is a term that is sometimes used in sports when a player performs well, has an exceptional game, or makes ESPN’s top ten plays.

In reality, it doesn’t actually mean what it says.
Anybody can “show up.” People show up every day. Sometimes you wonder why they even bothered to show up.

Showing up and performing, excelling, kicking butt and taking names is a whole different kettle of fish.

Great players and great leaders “show up” every day for every play. The great ones don’t pick and choose which day or which game they intend to excel in. It’s ingrained in their DNA to “show up.”

They don’t say to themselves, “Hey, I like this day, I think I’ll show up.” They say, “I’m here, let’s get on with it.”

Of course, they have days when they don’t feel like giving 110%, but they dig in, they grind it out, they push through the mess and they make it happen.

The automobile business is a tough game. If you’re going to have sustained success you have got to show up every day and “get after it.”

Getting after it means guarding the processes.

Getting after it means creating high energy.

Getting after it means holding yourself and others accountable.

Getting after it means removing those obstacles that keep your team from reaching their goals.

Getting after it means making those tough personnel decisions that you know you need to make.

Getting after it means amping up your training to be the best you can be.

Getting after it means paying attention to what’s going on around you.

Getting after it means not ignoring “the elephant” in the

If you’ve not been showing up, maybe it’s time you did. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs