Run Turkey Run

If you’ve ever participated in my training program you know that a lot of what I focus on centers around speed.

Your inability to move fast is a killer for your used car business. Moving fast puts you in the winner’s circle. Not moving fast puts you in the loser’s circle.

The speed of your service department and detail operation has a direct impact on your ability to produce gross in the used car department. Being slow in these departments impacts how fast you get a unit into the Internet world.

The first 20 days you own a used car are critical to your success. You cannot afford to let a unit sit for 7 to 10 days. The sad part of this story is most dealers don’t know how long it takes to get a unit through the system, on the lot and online.

Your entire staff needs to be continuously educated about how fast the market can change on a used car and what it does to the bottom line.

Being fast can save a turkey’s life. Being fast will not only save your life, but improve your bottom line.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs