In a given week I probably answer somewhere between 25 and 50 emails from readers asking questions, seeking advice and searching for solutions.

I’m always thrilled when I get a chance to help someone solve a problem. Unless I just plain miss an email, I’m relentless in responding to any and all requests.

My youngest sister, Melba Gibbs, exemplifies the word relentless. When we were growing up she would drive our parents nuts until she got what she wanted. If she wanted a puppy, she got a puppy.

It might take her a month, but she would stay after them until she “won.” She’s no different today as the Director of Fund Raising for Easter Seals in Richmond, VA. Her relentless style serves her well.

Often when dealers and managers write to me, I end my return email by saying the key to fixing this issue is your middle name has to become “Relentless.” A relentless leader is aware that there will be peaks and valleys.

They know it’s going to be tempting to give up, fall off the wagon or get distracted just enough that the evaporation factor will win out.

When you are relentless you will have moments when you are annoying to others. (Hello Melba)…but, when you are relentless, the good things you put on the wagon of success are less likely to fall off. Let the relentless continue.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy “Relentless” Gibbs