Push The Button

I have a Keurig coffee machine in my office. You know the ones that you put the single cup in the round little hole, poor water in the top, set your cup in the bottom, push a button and voila, in about minute you’re got a perfect cup of coffee.

The other day I went through this exercise, and sat down to my desk to answer a few emails while the coffee was brewing. About 10 minutes later I realized I didn’t have my coffee. Got up went over to the fancy dancy Keurig coffee maker and guess what? No coffee.

I hadn’t pushed the button.

Sometimes we as leaders fail to push the button. All these great ideas. All these things we need to do. All these things we want to do. All these things we should do. But, we never push the button.

We have millions of excuses for not pushing the button. Many times the underlying reason for not pushing the button is fear. Fear of what might happen both good and bad. Like if I do this and it works it might change my life. Like if I do this and it doesn’t work it might change my life.

Fear not. Just push the button. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs