My Wish List 2021

1. I wish we could do away with packs.
2. I wish every salesperson worked his or her entire deal on a tablet.
3. I wish we had salaried salespeople with monthly and annual bonuses.
4. I wish we had salaried management with monthly and annual bonuses.
5. I wish we didn’t have to rely on processing fees to make a nice bottom line.
6. I wish we had two-tiered pricing from the service department to the used car department.
7. I wish every service writer presented the menu on a tablet.
8. I wish more dealers would move to one-price.
9. I wish we didn’t have “towers of power.”
10. I wish more dealers would set up a VBC (Vehicle Buying Center.)
11. I wish sales management & salespeople had a 40-hour workweek.
12. I wish we could get units through recon in 3 days.
13. I wish we never would have any units over 60 days.
14. I wish the manufacturers don’t overload dealers with inventories.
15. I wish auction fees could be reduced.
16. I wish we focused more on “leading” rather than “managing.”
17. I wish every dealer was in a 20 group.
18. I wish your showroom didn’t look like a showroom.
19. I wish I’d see you at the NADA convention.
20. I wish a larger percentage of a sales transaction could take place online.
21. I wish you’d get 12 turns per year and better.
22. I wish we could rid ourselves of “Legacy Thinking.”
23. I wish people would listen to each other more.
24. I wish you would finally hire me.
25. I wish you a great holiday season.

That’s all I’m gonna wish for, Tommy Gibbs

Bonus Wish: I wish I didn’t send you so many newsletters, but I can’t resist myself.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs.