Maybe I Shouldn’t Say This

And what might that be? Well, it would simply be an opinion on the subprime business.

Is it fair to say that in many cases a subprime customer actually pays more for the vehicle than a non-subprime or cash buyer?

I’m not talking about the additional high risk interest rate. I’m talking about the fees that get added back to the retail price of the car that go back to the lender’s bottom line.

Isn’t it illegal to charge more for the car when you finance it than when you don’t?

Dealers who do a decent amount of subprime constantly struggle with the pricing of their vehicles in order to cover the subprime fees. It’s not the dealer’s fault. The lenders are the ones that have set the rules for this game.

I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t be in the subprime business. But, it’s a really bad bet to hang your hat on the subprime business continuing as business as usual.

The Feds are coming. The Feds are coming. The Feds are coming. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs