Make It Short

Being short is good. Sometimes a short answer to a question is the best answer. Just tell me what I asked you.

I don’t need you to tell me the color of the sky and the number of clouds that you saw on the day we missed the deal. I don’t need to know how smart you are.

Just give me the answer to the question I’ve asked. Leave out the rhetoric. Leave out the “who shot John.”

I read Seth Godin’s blog each day. When it’s short I read it. When it’s not, I pass.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve tried to make my newsletters shorter so maybe, just maybe you might read them. Better yet, you might pay attention.

There are times when being short is the best way to go.

All those meetings you have…make them shorter.
All those cars going thru reconditioning…make them shorter.
All those deals you’re penciling…make the process shorter.

Short is good. I’ve got nothing else to say, Tommy Gibbs