Is Now The Time?

You may be running out of time. The year is closing out fast.

You’ve been contemplating hiring me to improve your used car operation, but keep procrastinating thinking your used car department will fix itself.

Part of that contemplation is you’re concerned about the investment and my material making waves with your team.

You will earn the investment back overnight and I’m not going to screw up what you and your team are already doing well.

I come to you. Your team stays in place. You save money and you make more money when you hire me.

I am going to enhance what you do well and give you some powerful concepts to take you to the next level.

Here’s the biggie; I’m going to get your team on the same page.

It’s a pretty safe bet that you have a management staff that all have their own way of thinking about your new and used car business. Some of their thinking is spot on. Some of it not so much.

I’ll destroy the myths and line the moon, stars and earth up.

See if any of this applies to you:

1. You’ve had evaporation. Regardless of how good you are or how well disciplined you are, there’s going to be an evaporation of processes over a period of time. Bam! I can fix that!

2. You’ve had some turnover. Most people do. Turnover isn’t a sin. What’s a sin is not ensuring that the new guys and gals get it. If you don’t give them the right tools, they don’t have a chance. Bam! I can fix that!

3. The business is changing. Your team needs to understand the changes taking place and how to attack them. Bam! I can fix that!

4. Your team has gotten a little complacent, either because business has been pretty darn good or they have accepted the status quo. They need to be re-energized and see the possibilities. Bam! I can fix that!

5. Your average grosses continue to decline. Mostly they decline because someone’s not paying attention to the little things. Bam! I can fix that!

6. You have aged inventory and wholesale losses. Aged inventory helps create #5. Aged inventory causes wholesale losses. Bam! I can fix that!

7. You have a team that struggles to get on the same page. You have old school thinking. You have new school thinking. You have no thinking. Bam! I can fix that!

8. The number of days it takes to get a car online and on the line is killing you. Bam! I can fix that!

9. You’re sick and tired of listening to the bickering, excuses, and lack of forward movement. Bam! I can fix that!

10. You need a coach. You need someone to lean on. You need another set of eyes on the subject. Bam! I can fix that!

A quote worth remembering: “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” Morihei Ueshiba

You’ll become smarter when you hire me. Becoming smarter is always a bargain, something you can buy for a lot less than it’s worth.

Is now the time? That’s all I’m gonna ask, Tommy Gibbs