Is It Time For A Two-Tier System?

Talk to almost any used car manager and they will tell you one of their biggest challenges is dealing with the high recon cost, especially on the cheaper vehicles. It’s hard to justify spending $1500 on a $6000 unit.

Used car managers will conclude they can’t make any gross on that type of unit and wholesale it. They still need inventory, so they go to the auction and buy late model used cars that they don’t have to spend much money on.

In many dealerships this is going on, but it’s not at the top of the radar screen. It’s sorta like we look past it, ignore it and conclude that it is what it is. We don’t see the “big picture” problem or don’t see a need to actually fix the problem.

There’s a lot of service revenue being lost and a lot of retail sales being missed because we don’t have a solution to the problem. Every time we pass on one of those units we’re missing a bunch of business that one new customer can potentially bring to the door.

Maybe it’s time to consider a two tier pricing system from your parts and service department? You can make the cutoff ACV price point anything you want. I’d suggest $10,000, but you can make it whatever floats your boat.

Your issue quickly becomes the profit margins in parts and service. Your parts and service managers will probably start screaming. Maybe you should stop looking at margin percentages and start looking how much more total gross you’re putting on the books.

Isn’t a half a loaf better than no loaf? That’s all I’m gonna ask, Tommy Gibbs