I’m Going To Let You Go

I’m going to let you go. Also known as you’re fired. Saying it or hearing it; either way it is not something most of us relish.

What’s amazing, even in this world of HR and years of seeking to improve our leadership skills, is how often the person being let go is surprised that they have been fired. They had no idea it was coming. They were blindsided. (I’m not talking about the person that gets fired for some heinous act.)

It’s either one of two things:

A. They weren’t paying attention.

B. Someone hadn’t explained in enough detail what the expectations were and what the deficiencies were in such a way that it makes sense to the recipient.

In both cases, if you’re “the boss,” it’s your fault. Not their fault. It’s your fault.

If they’ve not been paying attention then you must not have been paying attention to them not paying attention.

If you didn’t explain it to them in enough detail that they “get it,” then it’s your fault. Maybe you put too much sauce on it and didn’t nail it down.

Most of the time when someone is let go it’s the boss’s fault. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs