Great Leaders

There are lots of people in leadership positions, but very few are great leaders. Great leaders are extremely rare. Great leaders are hard to find.

People who want to become better leaders study the great ones and emulate them.

Great leaders make believers of non-believers.

Great leaders make you want to please them.

Great leaders make you want to push yourself to the next level and beyond.

Great leaders make you believe in the team.

Great leaders talk the talk, then they show you how to walk the walk.

Great leaders have your back.

Great leaders make a difference. Even more important, they help others to make a difference.

Great leaders are special.

Great leaders are small in numbers. And that’s sad because it’s not all that hard to be a great leader.

You can be a better leader. You can be a great leader. I believe in you. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs