Getting Noticed

I’m often asked by managers and others what it takes to be successful in business and how to move to the next level.

They will often imply that they do a good job, but feel frustrated by the lack of forward progress.

Doing a good job doesn’t ensure you of anything except you get to keep doing a good job…until someone else comes along who can do it better and then you may be looking for another job that you can do a good job at.

It takes more than doing a good job to get you noticed and to the next level.

20 Tips For Getting Noticed:

1. Come early.

2. Stay late.

3. Come to work to work.

4. Stay busy.

5. Seek information and education.

6. Understand you are owed nothing.

7. Do more than you are asked.

8. Be tenacious.

9. Steal someone’s ball and run with it.

10. Force the passion. You may not be in the perfect job or perfect place. It’s up to you to make it the perfect job at the perfect place.

11. If you do these things, someone will notice.

12. If you get noticed, you have a ladder to the top.

13. If you don’t get noticed or this isn’t the place for you, then you are developing some skills that will eventually get you noticed.

14. Do it at the next place and the next place until you get noticed.

15. Be so good that you can’t be denied.

16. Pull others up. and up you go with them.

17. Set an example for others.

18. Get up, walk around, be nice.

19. Be enthusiastic, even on your worst day.

20. Dress up to the next level. Don’t dress like the rest.

Thanks for noticing. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs