Early Intervention

The idea behind a Jet Fighter Interceptor is to intercept the enemy before anything bad can go wrong.

In the game of football an interception gives your team an advantage by intercepting a pass intended for a touchdown.

In both of these examples an interception occurred as a result of movement. The fighter jet was moving when it caught up with the enemy. The defensive back was moving when he caught up with the pass.

You need to get moving. I want you to use this mindset to sell more cars. If you are a sales manager, F&I Manager, GSM, GM or Owner/Operator you need to become the “interceptor” and you are going to make a huge difference in the number of cars that get sold.

You will intercept a whole bunch of problems before they become problems.

You are going to do it by moving.

Moving your butt out of the chair and toward the front door to introduce yourself to every customer that comes through the door. And you’re going to keep moving around like a big stealth spy bomber. Your radar, your eyes and ears, are going to be wide open like never before. (People want to connect with a “manager.”)

Deals frequently get screwed up early on in the equation and you’re gonna help prevent that. There are a number of things that will happen by following today’s “Operation Interception.”

If a TO is needed you have already set the stage early by having met the customer.

If your radar is working a full 360 degrees, you will sense something is not right with this sales person and this customer from that first handshake and you might intercept the deal right then and there.

Never forget the customer belongs to the dealership, not the sales person. Don’t be afraid to “do it now.”

By moving around the showroom you will get some early TOs before the deal is all screwed up. Early intervention is a wonderful thing.

Simple huh? Fire up your jet engines for lift off, get out of your office and go to work. It’s show time baby! Tommy Gibbs