Driving or Riding?

If you’ve ever ridden a bus, it’s likely you stood at a bus stop waiting and looking for the bus. Even if you’ve never ridden a bus for sure you have observed others waiting for a bus.

Have you noticed how those standing at the bus stop are always looking for the bus?

For most people it’s human nature to look for the bus. The bus is more than likely going to show up, and when it does there are some things to keep in mind:

1. The bus might be running late.
2. The bus might be full.
3. The seat choices once you get on the bus might not be very good.
4. You could end up sitting beside someone you don’t know or don’t like.
5. Most buses don’t have seat belts so if it has an accident you might get hurt.
6. The bus is going to make a lot of inconvenient stops along the way.
7. If traffic is heavy the bus will not take an alternate route.
8. Riding a bus can be a very rough ride.
9. You have very little control when you’re waiting and/or riding ‘da bus.

The bottom line is waiting for a bus has lots of flaws. When it comes to your business are you waiting for the bus or are you driving your own bus?

Driving your own bus means making something happen rather than waiting for something to happen.

Far too often I observe dealers and managers sitting back and waiting to see if someone else is going to come up with the next great thing so they can board the bus and ride along.

If you happen to be the Dealer or GM I cannot imagine how you can be in the automobile business today and not be in a 20 group. How are you going to get the latest greatest ideas by sitting inside a parked bus in your driveway?

Having your own bus is one thing; going somewhere in it is another.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the Dealer, GM, Used Car Manager, Salesperson or in some other type of business; what you have to ask yourself is are you driving the bus or are you letting someone else do the driving?

As long as someone else is doing the driving the scenery is going to be very limited and your success even more so. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs