Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

If you have children, I’m thinking it’s a safe bet to say that when they were small you always knew where they were. I would further bet that if they weren’t with you that you knew who they were with.

Not only did you know who they were with, but you knew what clothes they had on and you knew what they had to eat for their last meal. If they had a booboo on their finger you applied a band aide and checked it regularly.

I’m appalled at how many used car managers don’t actually know where their children (used cars) are, let alone know what they are wearing.

Often when I’m reviewing inventory with a used car manager I’ll ask them to tell me about certain cars in their inventory.

On some of the cars I’ll ask them where is it? They will say “It’s in the inventory.” No, I’ll say, “Where is it? Where is it parked?” Typical comments, “I’m not sure”, “I think it’s out back”, “I think it’s in the service department”, “I think it’s in clean up”, “I think someone is driving it”, “I think it’s sold.”

Grab this, grab it fast. You’re not being paid to think. You’re being paid to know. The great used car managers know where every car is every moment of its life with their store.

The great used car managers know where all their children are regardless if they have a 40 car inventory or a 400 car inventory.

They just know. You wanna know why they know? They know because they care. They know because they are great parents. They know because the more they know about where their children are, the more they can protect them.

They can protect them from the evils of the world such as becoming aged, poor ROI, and slow turn. Let the parenting begin. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs