Did You See it?

Did you see the game on Friday night? What game? The Women’s Final Four game with Mississippi State and University of Connecticut. Even if you didn’t you’ve probably heard about it by now.

Mississippi State defeated the University of Connecticut in overtime with a last second shot and stopped their willing streak at 111 games.

The shot maker and one of the top players on the floor, Morgan William, drills a game winner in overtime at the buzzer. At 5’5″ tall she’s the smallest player on the floor.

So let me remind you of the book, “It’s Not The Big That Will Eat The Small…It’s The Fast That Will Eat The Slow.”

Speed up your reconditioning.
Speed up your sales travel rate.
Speed up your selling process.
Speed up your turn.

You make the most money on a used car that you sell in the first 20 days. It goes south after that. If it goes to 60, you’re sitting in the locker room with your head in a towel.

Think like a 5’5″ basketball player. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs