Did You Play Sports

Peripheral Vision

I think that a large percentage of successful people played a sport or two along the way.

It’s not imperative for someone to have a sports background, but it sure does help.

Here are some reasons why you should give consideration to hiring people with a sports background:

They know how to win.

They know how to lose.

They love big moments.

They want to learn more.

They know how to compete.

They always give their best.

They understand preparation.T

hey stay focused on the basics.

They get up when knocked down.

They coach and like to be coached.

They will get down in the trenches.

They know how to run the score up.

They understand mental conditioning.

They understand physical conditioning.

They know they must maintain discipline.

They like being on the team and understand teamwork.

They have drive, determination and the will to win.

They are eager to get off the bench and into the game.

They think fast.

They react fast.

They can react on the fly.

They have great peripheral vision, thus they always know what’s going on around them.

Hire more people with a sports background, That’s all I’m gonna say,