Can You Improve Your Success?

One of my early goals as a new car dealer was that I wanted our dealership to be a place where everybody in town wanted to go to work.

We all know the saying, “Happy employees equals happy customers.” And, no doubt, the more happy customers we have, the happier our bottom-line.

A more hip term or fancier way of saying that is you want to build an “Irresistible Organization.”

To build an irresistible organization you must engage your team to the point that they own the culture. Only when the team owns the culture will you feel the super glue effect. It’s sticking and it’s not going to evaporate into the atmosphere.

Part of engaging your team includes creating an exciting work environment that’s fulfilling and meaningful, and where everyone feels a sense of purpose in their jobs.

Research has proven that people want:

1. To be relevant.
2. An opportunity to advance.
3. A stable & disciplined work environment.
4. Excellent teammates.
5. Training that’s relevant and helps them perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

People want to be a part of something bigger than they are. The No. 1 thing employees cite as their strongest motivator at work is peer motivation that is, the drive to help their team succeed.

As a leader you should never lose sight of the fact that everybody wants to be on a winning team.

You improve the odds of your team succeeding when you improve your focus on the 5 bullet points listed above. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs