Buying and Selling In Today’s Market

1. Record front grosses are being achieved
2. Those record front grosses will be hard to maintain
2. Dealerships are achieving record profits
3. Record profits won’t continue
5. Volume is down
6. Volume will continue to be down
7. You will overpay at the auctions
8. You have always overpaid at the auctions
9. You cannot give up on buying at the auctions
10. You must have a different and unique strategy for auction purchases
11. You need to have a quicker trigger on auction purchases
12. Stealing trades at the front door will be harder to do
13. The big boys are aggressively buying your customers’ cars
14. You’re going to see less and less trades showing up at your front door
15. Did I say you need a different strategy for buying at the auctions? You need a different strategy for buying at the auctions.

If you play smart, you will always have the winning hand. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs.