Are You Tough Enough?

“Marshall and His Generals” is a biography of General George C. Marshall and how he shaped the U.S. Army generals during World War II.

To quote from the book: Marshall could be pitiless in relieving generals, especially those who were too old or too slow to adapt to the war’s brutal pace. His ruthlessness spawned enemies at the Officers’ Club, in Congress and in the hierarchy conscious world of military wives, but Marshall prided himself on remaining objective. As he told a gathering of governors in 1943: “The man has to have it or he doesn’t stay. And we listen to no excuses of any kind.”

There comes a point in your life or business career when you need to show some real spine. Show some real toughness. You need to jump up on your desk, rear up on your hind legs and be counted.

You’re running a business. You’re not running a democracy. It’s time to take a stand. If you’re allowing yourself to be pushed around, manipulated or if you’re just being weak and not making the decisions you know you need to make….then stop it.

Get tough. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs