Are You Responsible?

Seth Godin one of my favorite writers recently wrote:

“Accountability is done to you. It’s done by the industrial system, by those that want to create blame.

Responsibility is done by you. It’s voluntary. You can take as much of it as you want.”

I like the way Seth has stated this in such simple terms. If you’re in a leadership position, it’s your responsibility to hold yourself and those around you accountable. To Seth’s point, you get to pick just how responsible you’re going to be and that applies to holding people accountable.

Not taking responsibility for what goes on in your dealership is one of the biggest flaws of people in leadership positions. I stated it that way for a reason.

Some people are in leadership positions and they aren’t leaders. In some cases, they got there by default, family, next in line, or other reasons you would be familiar with. There are times when the decision makers have convinced themselves they can’t do better.

The reality is you can do better. You just have to take the responsibility to do so. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs