Are You Out Of Touch?

I’m mainly talking to GMs, Dealers and Owner-Operators. I’m not saying you’re out of touch. I’m just asking if by chance you’re out of touch?

The view from a computer screen is very different than the view from the sales tower, the service write-up lane, the parts department back window, the technician’s work area and even the general office workspace.

Are you spending any real quality time in these areas? Do you really know what the team is up against?

I fully realize that when you visit these areas things are not always as they appear. Everyone is on good behavior when you are there. But, if you really pay attention you will soon see what they are up against minute by minute.

One of the things that will probably jump out at you is how much time your team members spend being unproductive. If nothing else, you will observe that you’ve turned your sales managers into clerks.

If they spent half as much time each day developing sales people and selling cars as they do chasing paper issues you’d sell a lot more cars and have a much better bottom line.

For gosh sakes, hire them a clerk. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs