When I was a kid growing up in Richmond VA my father had a “dirt lot” used car lot.

My father and some of his fellow used car dealer friends loved to gamble. Back in those days they would rent a hotel room in downtown Richmond and play cards all night long.

Some nights he came home with money. Some nights he came home broke.

My father’s nickname with his peers was “Nervous.” Yep, they called him nervous. He was always worried that the cops were going to raid the joint and take ’em all to jail.

We all inherit traits from our parents. I inherited the “nervous” trait from my father.

Used cars make me nervous. Some used cars make me more nervous than others. This is a time to be more nervous about some than others.

You should be identifying the ones that make you the most nervous and come up with a plan to make them go away.

A few of the ones that make me the most nervous are:

1. High dollar
2. High miles
3. Bad colors
4. Bad equipment
5. Cars we have too much money in from jump street
6. Anything 45 days old and older
7. Auction purchases
8. High cost to market
9. High day’s supply

Gambling made my dad nervous.

Used cars make me nervous.

Gambling on the wrong used cars makes me even more nervous.

What makes you nervous? That’s all I’m gonna ask, Tommy Gibbs