Are You Going?

Are you going to the NADA Convention in a few days? I hope so and I hope I get to see you.

If you’re not going I’m wondering why? Why would you not go?

Short on staff? I guess that’s a maybe.
You went last year? Ugh, I guess that might be a maybe also.
Can’t afford the expense? Another maybe goes up on the board.

Those excuses and most others are not great reasons for not going.

Some of you live in a little box and wonder why things never change for you. Most of you are coming off a pretty good year. Maybe you think you have it figured out or maybe you know things are starting to slip a bit.

There’s no better time than right now to open your mind and shoot some WD 40 into your brain to loosen things up a bit. Spring is here, but if you’re not careful your brain may still be frozen over from the cold winter.

If your mindset is “the Convention is always the same” then you are dead wrong. The only reason the Convention is the same is because you’re the same. If you’ve gone to the Convention in the past to rub shoulders with the factory guys and attend the parties then I guess it would be the same for you. You get out of something what you put into it.

It’s hard for your vision to change when you sit there and stare at those same walls and same people day after day. That’s why you need to go. You need inspiration. You need to see the possibilities. You need to go and learn something.

If you show up and find me I’ll even give you a copy of my book titled “The Little Used Car Book, Volume 7.” My book is not a cure-all for your used car business but it’s guaranteed to give you some ideas and wisdom to help your bottom line.

By helping your bottom line, it will more than pay for your little trip. When I’m not speaking I’ll be hanging out at the vAuto booth (booth #1522C) so look me up.

I’ll be very excited to see you. That’s all I’m gonna say.Tommy Gibbs