Are You Doing It Backwards?

Try sorting your used car inventory by cost or investment with your most expensive units at the top of the page. Print it out. Now sort your used car inventory by age. Print it out.

Compare the two pages. The odds are pretty good that a lot of your aged units are also listed on the top of the page you sorted by cost or investment.

You should be looking at and analyzing this list every day.

With a few exceptions, you should be pricing your most expensive units under the market and on the most problematic ones you should consider paying bonus money on them, regardless of the number of days in stock.

Sometimes we do things in this business bassackwards. When units start to age on us we sell it for little or no gross and pay the sales person a $500 bonus to make it go away.

In many cases you would be better off to price them tight to the market and pay a bonus on them on day 1 rather than day 61.

That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs