Are You a Catcher?

No I don’t mean that in the sense that you are always “catching it.” Though that may sometimes be the case. I mean do you think like a baseball catcher?

Did you know that at any given time that almost 50% of all the baseball managers in Major League Baseball formerly played the catcher’s position?

Here are just a few that have had recent success. Joe Torre and Joe Girardi both captured World Series victories as Yankee managers. Bruce Bochy has won two World Series titles with the Giants, Mike Scioscia has one with the Angels, and managers Joe Madden, Fredi Gonzales, Clint Hurdle and Bob Melvin have had good success as they have brought their respective teams to the playoffs.

There’s a reason why catchers make great managers (leaders.) It’s because as a player they were always “in the game,” and they “see” the entire game.

As a leader in your business you need to see and think like a catcher. If you’re going to see the entire field you have to be on the field.

You are catching the ball. You are throwing the ball. You are hitting the ball and mostly importantly you’re making quick decisions that impact the results of the game.

As a catcher/leader you tie the entire team together. It’s your job to back up the bad plays and make them right. It’s your job to call the pitches and to help position the players on the field in positions that give them the best chance to succeed.

You are the putty that holds the team together. Your position is not in the locker room. If you’re going to do these things you have to assume your position behind the plate. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs