Are We Focused On The Wrong Things?

I don’t think any of us would deny that the car business has gotten pretty sophisticated. I wish I was a bit more analytical than I am, but I have to tell you even if I was, I think I’d still be overwhelmed at the reporting I see that some dealers and dealer groups require of their staff members.

I do see the benefit of all the tracking that’s done, but I think we have to ask ourselves, are we overdoing it? Are we taking the focus off what’s really important?

The most important thing we do is sell a car or truck. If we’re not selling a car or truck then you can track all the numbers in the world and it’s not going to matter.

When I was a dealer, one of the things we would often ask was, “Will it help us sell something today?” If not, then it wasn’t worth much to mess with it.

Without a doubt, upper manage-ment needs to be mindful of key performance indicators and they need to utilize that information to stay on top of what’s moving in what direction.

And yes, the information needs to be shared at the appropriate time, but to rant about it almost minute by minute does the opposite of helping to sell a car or truck.

Our “in the trenches management” has a ton on their plate. If we create too much focus on the wrong things then they can’t do what we are paying them to do and that’s to manage the sales department and sell more cars and trucks.

Get focused on the right things and the attitude will go up. When the attitude goes up, the sales numbers will go up. When the sales numbers go up, your bank account will go up. When your bank account goes up, you can take a nice trip and quit bugging people about the wrong numbers. That’s all I’m gonna say. Tommy Gibbs