60 Day Losses

I’m gritting my teeth as I write this. I really am. Some of you are still struggling with the 60 day concept. I guess talking about 45 days isn’t going to win any friends and influence my enemies, so I’m going to just chat about 60 days.

I’m always concerned when I’m teaching a workshop that those in attendance may think when I’m talking about 60 days that I’m saying that they need to dump cars at 60, take the losses and move on.

I’m gonna scream this so get ready. I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT DUMPING A BUNCH OF CARS AT 60 AND LOSING MONEY. Will you have to dump a few at 60? Yes, but darn few. (Especially if you follow my “Life Cycle Management Process.”)

I’m taking about finding a retail buyer before we even get to 60.

Do you think keeping it past 60 is really going to help your situation? Do you thinking keeping them past 60 days is gonna help your average gross profit? Do you think you’re gonna have a great ROI after 60 days? Do you think you need to keep it because you can’t replace it? What I wanna know is, what are you thinking?

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I’m thinking I’m hoping that you will one day change your thinking. That’s all I’m gonna say, Tommy Gibbs