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  1. john adams says:

    great meeting in dallas. just checked a roi. we’ve got work to do

  2. Great presentation at NADA. Thanks for the book
    can you email me the ROI and gap excel spreadsheat you mention
    Bill Oliverio
    412 965 2475

  3. Greg says:

    Awsome, meeting @ Hendrick motorsports, learned alot, and made me remember alot I forgot. Really appreciate the info on top 10 most expensive. I also would like to have the ROI and GAP e-mailed as well.
    Thanks, Tommy

  4. Frank Vacca says:

    I love the Gap report. I have been using it for a while now but my computer just went down. Would it be possible for you to email me another copy of the Gap Report

  5. Marc Keith says:

    I would like to get a copy of the gap report and the ROI report. you also said that we can find out how to get the list of what is selling in our markets.

  6. I was in many of your seminars with First Team, worked with everyone from George, Gene Hassell, and Ashton Sr. and Jr. Would you email me the Gap and the ROI spreadsheet?

    Thanks Tommy~


  7. Marty Budd says:

    Good work at NADA—please e-mail me the ROI and the GAP spreadsheets.



  8. could please send me Roi and gap spreadsheet, thanks

  9. Adam Huff says:

    Tommy I just want to tell you Thank you for the Great Work Shop in San Francisco, When I come to NADA and attend work shop they are like buffets, and I always like to take something away, this year many of them made me feel ill and depressing, but after leaving yours I felt full of excitement and proud to be in the automobile business! I am glad to see the free enterprise still exists! Thanks for good information! Ps when you have time if you could send me the GAP and ROI Excel worksheets that would be great! Good selling!

  10. Nathan Hicks says:

    Tommy, great calculator. Could you please email me the ROI, ROR & “turns” spreadsheet as well? Thanks!

  11. Ken Cockes says:

    I know you’re probably busy teaching auto pros to be more “pro”. However, yourapproach would actually work for many different sales arenas. Think about it, I always have said its the 3P’s People, Product and Presentation something you clearly understand. Also please send me the ROI & GAP calculator when able.


  12. Robert Martin says:


    You did a little work for us when I was at Nelson Ford in Fergus Falls, MN. I am no longer with them. Can you please send me your GAP and ROI spreadsheets

    Thank you

  13. mark burton says:

    hi i saw you at NADA, and you gave me some good ideas for my business could you please e mail me your GAP AND ROI spreadsheets we are in the UK in cumbria

  14. Jim Gee says:

    Great meeting in Atlanta. Could you forward me the ROI Spreadsheet.

  15. Frank Sorensen says:

    Good morning

    Could you please send me the ROI and GAP calculator. Appreciate it.

  16. Ty Bullard says:

    when using the ROI calculator, this may seem like a dumb question but is the ROI % the most important metric to gauge the sold car on?

    • gibbstraining says:

      Ty, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, but it’s a great indicator of where you’re heading. If you’re using my GAP/ROI spreadsheet it’s very telling when you start sorting by the various columns like gross profit and days in stock. You will see a quick pattern developing that in most cases says the faster the car turns the more gross you are making and the greater the ROI…your ROI goal when using front gross only should be in the 110 to 120% range. Hope this is of some help. Tommy

  17. Mark says:

    Like a copy of gap and return on investment

  18. Jorge barroso says:

    I Tommy

    I have heard about you ROI calculator as the gap analysis.

    It’s possible to you send me by email this 2 excel sheets?

    Thanks for advance


  19. Jeff says:

    Great workshop at NADA. Wondering if I can get the spreadsheets and ROI calculator you talked about? Thanks!

  20. Attended your workshop at NADA and would like the two spreadsheets you spoke of.
    Thanks for a GREAT workshop!

  21. Thanks for the insightful presentation at NADA, Please forward the GAP and ROI spreadsheets as mentioned. Regards Peter

  22. Thanks for the insightful workshop @ NADA. Please forward the GAP and ROI spreadsheets. Regards Peter

  23. Steve Ferris says:

    Hi, please could you send me copies of your ROI spreadsheets? Many thanks

  24. Gary says:

    Great workshop!! Can I get the ROI calculator and gap spreadsheets please?


    • gibbstraining says:

      I just sent it to you via email. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for your support.

  25. Leonel says:

    Hi Tommy!
    Please could you send me copies of your ROI spreadsheets?
    Many thanks.

  26. Jamison Mentel says:

    Great articles and information. I am always impressed and learn new tools. Could you send me a GAP and ROI spreadsheet?

    • gibbstraining says:

      Just sent you an email with the forms.Let me know if you need anything else.Thanks for your friendship and support.

  27. Jack knght says:

    Please email me the forms

  28. Geoff Walsh says:

    Hi there, can you please email me the ROI spreadsheet, thanks


    • gibbstraining says:

      We just sent you the spreadsheets via a separate email. Let me know if you need anything else. Tommy Gibbs

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